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What is the Society of One


     What is the Society of One?  The Society of One is the One Percent.  The AMERICAN!, who places their life on the line for this great country of ours everyday.  This includes the vast amount of agencies that make up One Percent of this Country.  They are the Military, Fire, Police, and EMS American's that at any moment wouldn't think twice about laying thier life on the line for this country.

     The creation of this Society is to begin to identify with each other and emphasize the True American.  The American that does not identify by ethnicity, religion, sex, etc. but identifies with being an American First!  As the "Greatest Generation" fades away and we lose those great men and women who fought the Germans, Japanese, North Koreans, and the Viet Cong, I watch our country with great sadness.  As most Americans go about their business, texting and watching their television they have no idea who defends them, and protects them every day.  All they know is that they have 4 bars for reception and the cable box works.

     As the Society of One we are there on Guard for the moment when evil knocks or disaster strikes, We are the One Percent of the American population who is there when they need us even though most Americans don't even give us a thought.

    So here is my story! It is time to join together in an overt brotherhood via symbolism.  A Society that helps each other out when we see a brother broken down on the side of the road with a Society of One Sticker, T-Shirt etc.  The goal is to spark a Society of One organization and have it be an informal organization that we all know but others wonder what it is.  A Society that stands proud as the One Percent that protects and defends this great Nation of ours.

   Part of the proceeds from this endeavor will go to Veteran, Police, and Fire charities. I have seen firsthand the mutilation and devastation of of our soldiers.  Over the course of a 27 year Military career evacuating wounded, I cannot begin to describe the horrific injuries I have seen, and yet wonder how, many have lived. For those that have lived I feel a true commitment and bond to help.  The creation of the Society of One is a way of fulfilling this commitment.  I hope and pray that this endeavor will fulfill this goal as well as bring the Society of One closer together and out of the shadows!

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